IT Security

Over 10 years experience in high level computer engineering guarantee the safety of your company IT assets.
Our goal is to bring confidence in new technologies to your business. We believe in what is for us the essence of security: prevention.

We have a wide range of services and products to ensure the security of information systems and users in your company.

Do you have a virus in your website and don't know how to get rid of it? Contact us and we will put all our experience to help you remove any kind of malicious code.



BSecure it is the seal of trust that encompasses all computer security services that offers Binn. Analysis and audits of threats and vulnerabilities, web virus removal, installation of virtual private networks.

And also...

Data recovery

In lasRozasWeb we have a facility ready for data recovery from any storage device damaged or defective. We recover your files and data deleted or removed.


Permanent data removal

If for security reasons, a simple disk formatting is not sufficient to permanently delete files and confidential or sensitive data, you can expect lasRozasWeb for the ultimate information elimination.

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